Princess Leia

Star Wars Celebration VI

Star Wars Celebration VI Today is the last day of Star Wars Celebration VI. I decided to plunge into the madness with a four day pass.  It’s amazing, it’s crowded, and it’s weird. It’s the kind of place where a major celebrity can pose for pictures without any pants and folks still consider it a family-friendly […]

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Indepdendence Day 2012

Independence Day 2012

Independence Day 2012 in Orlando Welcome to the Independence Day 2012 in Orlando.  John Adams thought we’d be partying on July 2nd, which only proves that nobody ever really knows what’s going to happen even when they’re ass-deep in the creation of something. Despite the fact that most of my readers are from the USA, I […]

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Florida Fireworks Laws

Do You Know Florida Fireworks Laws?

Are you sure you know Florida’s Fireworks Laws? Around this time of year, those fireworks stands start popping up and sell cases of fireworks, so it must be legal.  Right? Your neighbors are shooting off explosives. Almost everyone is doing it, so it must be legal. Right? Why go spend hours in a crowded park […]

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Star Wars Weekends

The Hyperspace Hoopla Another year of Star Wars Weekends is over. I didn’t get out to attend as much as I wanted.  Part of that I blame on the weather, but there was also some complacency on my part.  I’ve seen it before and, while I enjoy the event, there really aren’t any surprises left […]

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Star Wars in Orlando

Boba Fett Let’s face it.  Mandalorians are a cocky bunch. Look at him, tilting his head.  It’s like he’s behind that helmet saying, “Take the damn picture before I kill you.” That’s OK.  I’m not afraid of Boba Fett.  After all, what is his great claim to fame?  Oh, that’s right.  He followed the Millennium […]

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