Star Wars Weekends

The Hyperspace Hoopla Another year of Star Wars Weekends is over. I didn’t get out to attend as much as I wanted.  Part of that I blame on the weather, but there was also some complacency on my part.  I’ve seen it before and, while I enjoy the event, there really aren’t any surprises left […]

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Coffee Cupcake from Sweet! by Good Golly Miss Holly

Orlando’s Cupcakes

  How do you start your day?  With coffee?  Perhaps you should try a coffee cupcake.  It seems that I’ve developed a bit of a reputation in social media circles for discussions of cupcakes.  That’s because I know where to get the good stuff. It’s right here in Orlando at a little shop called Sweet! […]

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Star Wars in Orlando

Boba Fett Let’s face it.  Mandalorians are a cocky bunch. Look at him, tilting his head.  It’s like he’s behind that helmet saying, “Take the damn picture before I kill you.” That’s OK.  I’m not afraid of Boba Fett.  After all, what is his great claim to fame?  Oh, that’s right.  He followed the Millennium […]

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