Waiting for Hurricane Dorian

Waiting for Hurricane Dorian to Arrive

Hurricane Dorian hasn’t touched Florida yet, but it’s already stirred up the hype machine with media coverage and social media hysteria. Since we have a history of hurricane coverage from an Orlando local resident’s point of view, I thought I’d share some of the stranger things going on around town. If for nothing else, as […]

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The Kiss Goodbye

OL 068 – The Kiss Goodbye

The Kiss Goodbye is the last episode of The Orlando Local Show. After some deliberation, we discovered there is a very simple reason why it’s time to end the show. The Kiss Goodbye to Our Podcast If you listened to our show, you know that we stopped our podcast toward the end of 2017 with […]

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Top Ten Orlando Restaurants for 2018

OL 067: Our Top Ten Orlando Restaurants for 2018

We updated our Top Ten Orlando Restaurants for 2018. Aimed primarily at visitors, this list includes mostly restaurants in predominantly visitor areas for easy access. We also included one local restaurant outside of those areas because it’s just so good and we haven’t found anything like it replicated elsewhere. Orlando Breakfast Restaurants There are two […]

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