Florida Fireworks Laws

Do You Know Florida Fireworks Laws?

Are you sure you know Florida’s Fireworks Laws? Around this time of year, those fireworks stands start popping up and sell cases of fireworks, so it must be legal. ¬†Right? Your neighbors are shooting off explosives. Almost everyone is doing it, so it must be legal. Right? Why go spend hours in a crowded park […]

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Florida Gambling: The Bribe from the Tribe

A Sole Source Industry I’ve been watching the news as our Florida Legislature debates the idea of a gambling compact in Florida. It’s been a real clusterfuck. There doesn’t seem to be a damn soul in Tallahassee that understands what to do with gambling, so they’ve beaten each other and ultimately given the Seminole Tribe […]

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Commuter Rail

Commuter Rail approved

For the last 20 years, I’ve heard stories about commuter rail coming to Orlando. One group wanted it, another one didn’t. Everyone wanted the federal government to pay for it. Sometimes the money appeared forthcoming, and then people couldn’t meet the deadlines to get the grant. One plan called for the rail to travel between lanes of Interstate 4.

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