Waiting for Hurricane Dorian

Waiting for Hurricane Dorian to Arrive

Hurricane Dorian hasn’t touched Florida yet, but it’s already stirred up the hype machine with media coverage and social media hysteria. Since we have a history of hurricane coverage from an Orlando local resident’s point of view, I thought I’d share some of the stranger things going on around town. If for nothing else, as […]

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Hurricane Irma Review

OL 059: Hurricane Irma Review

Hurricane Irma hit some areas of Orlando harder than others. However, impact isn’t the entire story. We’ll let you know how people acted and reacted before, during and after the storm in our Hurricane Irma review. What Happened Before Irma Hit Florida In a few weeks before Irma arrived, the weather forecasters had a field […]

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Hurricane Matthew Review

OL 013: Hurricane Matthew Review

Hurricane Matthew Review: We Tell You What It Was Like Before, During and After Thank you for listening to The Orlando Local Show. In this episode, we’re giving you an inside look with our Hurricane Mathew Review. We’ve been waiting for Hurricane Matthew to arrive in Central Florida for over a week. This storm took […]

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