Morgan’s Burger Bistro

Everyone raves about Morgan's Burger Bistro in Downtown Sanford. No doubt, the place makes a good burger. They bill it as the best in town. Considering the town is Sanford, though, that's not an extraordinary claim.

Morgan's is a very small restaurant with roughly half a dozen tables and (apparently) no air conditioning. The tables & chairs are very basic. You don't go to Morgan's for comfort.

You go there for the burgers, which are very good. Are they the best in town? For me, so far I'd have to say yes. Are they the best burgers I've ever had? No, but pretty close. Mogran's provides a burger reminiscent of your own backyard grill flavor, but with the exception of being cooked perfectly to order. The fries are outstanding and delicious, too. In fact, I think the fries are closer to perfection than the burgers. I tried the onion rings once. They were OK, but nothing special. Go with the fries.

Other than cheese & a bun, your burger comes out rather plain. There's a condiment stand in the front of the restaurant where you can add your own toppings, and there are a plethora of choices. I have somewhat mixed feelings about this idea. On one hand, you get to add what you want. On the other hand, you have no idea what snot-nosed, diseased person was at that condiment station before you. If you have phobias about germ-control at open stations like this, you may have reservations.

That's not to say that the restaurant isn't kept clean. I've never noticed any filth of lack of attention to cleaning up in the place. The people who work there are quite friendly. The prices are cheap compared to going to a higher-end restaurant and getting a comparable burger. Morgan's provides great value. There's also more to the menu than burgers, but come on. It's Morgan's Burger Bistro. You go for the burger.

I gave it three stars because the place is OK. It's not a five-star dining experience with a comfortable environment. My concerns about how the condiments are out in the open for anyone to touch also cuts back a bit. Morgan's offers a quite good product at a very reasonable price, but let's not over-hype the place.

Morgan's Burger Bistro
106 Park Ave
Sanford, FL 32771
(407) 688-0025

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