Replay: Orlando Myths, Misconceptions and Ugly Truths for International Visitors

Orlando Myths Replay

This is a replay of a previous episode.

We Address Some Orlando Myths and Misconceptions

Is IHOP really the best place for breakfast? Should you spend part of your vacation in Orlando shopping at Walmart? Are there secret police waiting to arrest jaywalkers on International Drive?

While my answer would be “No” to all of these questions, I discovered that a large number of International visitors would answer “Yes” to all of them.

I wouldn’t tell you to avoid IHOP or Walmart if you really wanted to go, but I’m also not sure why these places have an almost cult-like following among some International visitors to Orlando.

All of this came about as we watched some British families who recorded their exploits in Orlando and posted them on YouTube. One couple was on a mission to get to IHOP, yet they walked a long way down International Drive past some comparable restaurants like Denny’s, Perkins and Friendly’s. I’m fine with eating at IHOP, but I can’t imagine walking a couple of miles to get to it when other choices are closer.

Also, you may be missing out on some other places like Keke’s or First Watch along Restaurant Row.

Why Tipping is Important

For some International visitors, tipping is a confusing mystery. Tipping is quite common in America. Servers earn below our minimum wage. It’s expected that servers earn their money through tips, which encourages them to provide better service in order to earn a higher tip. When you don’t tip your server, he or she isn’t getting paid.

Who else gets a tip? We’ll cover that issue on the show, including jobs where I typically don’t tip.

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