The Adult Side of Walt Disney World

The Adult Side of Walt Disney World

The Adult side of Walt Disney World provides some entertainment and activities primarily for adults. There’s nothing wrong with taking some time away from the kids, as long as you ensure they’re covered. We’ll discuss some reasons why you may want to consider some adult time at Walt Disney World.

Planning for the Adult Side of Walt Disney World

If you think Walt Disney World is just a place to get It’s a Small World stuck in your head, think again. You can get fine dining, concerts, great cocktails, and more designed to create a great adult experience. The big question is how to take advantage of all that Disney offers for adults without giving your kids the short end of the stick.

If you don’t have kids, every trip to Walt Disney World is an adult trip. It may take a bit of planning for families to see how you can have some adult time while on vacation. There are two options here:

  • Head to Walt Disney World without your kids
  • Plan for some child care while you plan for adult time

1: Should You Travel to Walt Disney World Without Your Kids?

If this is what you need in your life, then the answer is Yes. Parenting is an enormous responsibility, and you’re a better parent when you have some adult time. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love your children or don’t want them to have fun. It just means you need to recharge to be a better parent.

That said, be prepared for some push-back from your kids. We don’t advocate lying to your children about your plans. If you do, you can’t share photos or bring home presents from Walt Disney World without letting the cat out of the bag.

Be honest, and find something else for the kids to do that’s fun, entertaining, and keeps their minds off that you’re doing something without them. I spent a week or more every summer at camp with my Boy Scout troop when I was a kid. I never considered what my parents were doing because I was having a blast on my trip.

2: Adult Experiences at Walt Disney World

The adult side of Walt Disney World gives you a couple of options. You can go to the parks and do traditional things without the kids. As parents, we naturally prioritize our children’s desires and show them a good time. That may mean sacrificing some of the things you want to do because it may not be appropriate for a child, even inside the park.

Without the kids, you can prioritize the events and attractions you want to visit. It may not make sense to go on Space Mountain with a toddler (you know that height restriction), but you can space out without the kids.

Some activities may not appeal to kids. Walt Disney World offers plenty of opportunities for fine dining, cocktails, concerts and shows, golf, and other events. Children under a certain age aren’t allowed, such as at a restaurant like Victoria and Alberts. In other cases, your kids may not be interested in playing a round of golf or seeing Pat Benetar perform at the House of Blues.

Visiting Senses Spa at Walt Disney World may not excite the kids. They do offer some Kid Services for those aged 4-12, but this may be an experience where you want to have some relaxation with other adults.

Other activities perhaps more interesting to adults than kids include some tours like Keys to the Kingdom or Behind the Seeds. These tours are perfectly safe for children, and some may enjoy it. On the other hand, some kids may think it feels like a school trip, and they’d rather be in the Haunted Mansion.

Something we don’t see happening with kids is things like Drinking Around the World at Epcot or taking the Monorail Crawl to bars along the monorail resorts. Those are adult activities that won’t have any appeal to your children.

3: Sometimes, You Need an Emotional Break

We love kids, but there are times when you just need a break from them. Not because they’re misbehaving but because you must be on guard to watch out for their needs, safety, and desires. Going to a pool with your child is very different than going to the pool as an adult. You can’t rest and lie in the sun when you have to watch your child in a pool or water park.

Families have diverse ideas about what may be fun or even just interesting. When we talk about the adult side of Walt Disney World, the meaning will be somewhat different for each family.

Walt Disney World has all the features of a modern resort, from family-friendly attractions to bars and restaurants more suited to adults. Taking a trip to Walt Disney World as part of an adults-only group changes how you experience the resort and parks. It can be more relaxing or more intense than a family trip.

So don’t be afraid to take advantage of the adult side of Walt Disney World. Some great experiences are waiting for you.

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