Star Wars Weekends

Stig and Oopla
Stig and Oopla – © Copyright 2012 by William Beem

The Hyperspace Hoopla

Another year of Star Wars Weekends is over. I didn't get out to attend as much as I wanted.  Part of that I blame on the weather, but there was also some complacency on my part.  I've seen it before and, while I enjoy the event, there really aren't any surprises left for me.  One thing I hadn't done yet was photograph the Hyperspace Hoopla show that occurs every evening of the event.  Last weekend, I was determined to make it, but the weather screwed it up on Friday and Saturday. I finally made it out on Sunday afternoon well ahead of time.

I got to the stage three hours before the show, but sat off to the side because there was a Disney Channel Rocks show that took place on the area just below it.  Now if you think that sounds geeky (it is), what happened next was even geekier. Once the previous show was over, I got up from my little seat on the side of the stage, walked about ten yards, and was already in a crushing crowd of people and standing about four rows back.  People are serious about their Star Wars shows.  I figured I'd be the lone little loser sitting in the sun for two hours, but I had plenty of company – all nice people around me, too.  I mentioned that Disney should take advantage of the crowd to offer some cocktail service and a little girl offered to go buy a drink for me.  I get her some money and told her to feel free to get something for herself.  She came back with an ice cold Diet Coke and all of my change. I think that was the highlight of my day.

The Dark Side of the Force

If there was a low point, it happened about half an hour before the show. The crowd was growing and full of people who had been waiting in the hot Florida sunshine for hours.  Then about a dozen people came pushing and squeezing their way up front.  A number of us politely mentioned that we'd been waiting there for a while and weren't happy about having some last minute folks walk right in front of us. They didn't care. When I brought it up again, one of them told me that they were performing when we got in line.  Perhaps he thought that was an excuse.  You see, this group of interlopers were all Disney cast members who perform there. A couple of women behind me were pretty upset because they could no longer see the stage – they were about five feet tall and some of the guys in this group of dancers were around six feet.  So am I, but they said at least I was there before them.

One of the dancers kept giving me dirty looks, probably because I kept reminding them that the rest of us got our place without butting in front of anyone else.  He indicated their could be some consequences for me if I brought it up again, so – being the socially inept person that I am – I brought it up again.  No consequences appeared.  Perhaps he was just rude to people, but not stupid enough to do something that would jeopardize his job. Although they weren't in a Disney uniform, at least one of them had his name tag on and they mentioned their performance.  It's not like they were hiding it.  It was more like the rest of us paying guests were somehow in their way.

Too bad, I guess.  It was annoying and went against my own set of morals, but I guess there isn't anything you can really do about folks put their own desires ahead of everyone else.

At least I got a few shots out of it.  Here you go.


Darth Vader
Use the Force! – © Copyright 2012 by Orlando Local


Darth Sidious Dances
The Force is Strong with This One – © Copyright 2012 by Orlando Local


Darth Sidious
Power! Unlimited power! – © Copyright 2012 by Orlando Local


Princess Leia
Like a Virgin – © Copyright 2012 by Orlando Local


James Arnold Taylor
James Arnold Taylor – © Copyright 2012 by Orlando Local


Zam Wessel and a Gammorean
Eww! – © Copyright 2012 by Orlando Local


Darth Sidious Dances Again
Empire Rocks – © Copyright 2012 by Orlando Local


Darth Maul
Die, Jedi, die! – © Copyright 2012 by Orlando Local


Darth Maul
Darth Maul – © Copyright 2012 by Orlando Local


Slave Princess Leia
Damn, Leia! – © Copyright 2012 by Orlando Local


Darth Sidious, Zam Wessel, Aurra Sing & Gammorean
Chicks Dig Me – © Copyright 2012 by Orlando Local


Chewbacca Dances
Chicks Dig Me – © Copyright 2012 by Orlando Local


Darth Vader Dances
Can't Touch This – © Copyright 2012 by Orlando Local


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