Star Wars Weekends

The Hyperspace Hoopla Another year of Star Wars Weekends is over. I didn’t get out to attend as much as I wanted.  Part of that I blame on the weather, but there was also some complacency on my part.  I’ve seen it before and, while I enjoy the event, there really aren’t any surprises left […]

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Whirlyball Court


Inside the WhirlyDome The old Sports Dominator on International Drive is gone, but WhirlyDome resurrected the  property to make it fun again with a pair of Whirlyball courts. I’ve heard of Whirlyball before, but to be honest, I never really knew what it was all about. Last week, the folks at WhirlyDome invited members of […]

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Star Tours 2 Soft Opening

Located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Star Tours is a Star Wars themed motion-simulation ride. It shut down for  renovation after the Star Wars Celebration V convention in Orlando last year at an event called Last Tour to Endor. I took the ride that night and couldn’t hear a fucking thing because of the drunken assholes […]

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