Jedi Temple of Doom

I shot this waiting for a show to start. Disney had a party called “Last Tour to Endor” during the Star Wars Celebration V event.  One of the big draws to the party was a change to the old Indiana Jones show. They did a nice job of creating a mash-up between the two trilogies – Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Jedi Temple of Doom at Disney World
Jedi Temple of Doom – © Copyright 2010 by William Beem

Even though I’ve had a Disney World Annual Pass for a few years, I’ve never seen the Indiana Jones show, so I never knew about this set. I wasn’t even sure if the shot would come out. This was just a snap from the stands at ISO 6400, so it’s not going to be the sharpest photo I ever took.  Even so, I loved the creepy vibe of the set.  Maybe I can get a chance to go back sometime, between shows, and make some high quality shots with a tripod to keep things steady and reduce the ISO. Disney probably won’t let me, but it never hurts to ask.

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