Disney Security Changes

New Disney Parks Security Changes Are a Big Improvement

New Disney Parks Security Changes Are a Hit with Us!

The Disney Parks security changes are really streamlining entry into the Magic Kingdom. The old system required all guests to pass through security in the same area, which could lead to some delays and bad experiences just before entering the park.

While we think the Disney Security cast members do a great job and are quite friendly, we’ve witnessed some distressed children who didn’t understand why they were separate from parents or family members who were randomly chosen to go through the metal detector.

Disney Parks Security

Now that Disney Security has multiple checkpoints, it takes some stress off park entry.

As locals, we went through security at the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC) where you used to queue up for the trams. Contrary to what we’d heard, we were not required to go through the metal detector. It still seems to be a random selection there.

Resort guests who board the monorail to visit the Magic Kingdom, TTC, or other monorail resorts must pass security in their resort.  We stopped at the Contemporary Resort and all guests had to go through the metal detector.

Resort guests who arrive at the Magic Kingdom by bus will still pass security at the Magic Kingdom entry area, but they face a smaller crowd of people than before.

Overall, we loved the courtesy and friendliness of the security staff. The lines were shorter due to being distributed at multiple locations. We think this is a great idea.

It’s definitely a better experience than going through Universal Studios security to get to Toothsome Chocolate Emporium.

Magic Kingdom Crowds Gone Wild

Unfortunately, Disney isn’t doing such a great job at controlling the crowds inside the Magic Kingdom for the Wishes fireworks show. Without enough cast members to make sure there are open paths for people to move about, guests are stepping all over each other.

Most guests are very nice, but some rude people are stepping on anyone who gets in their way.

As much as I want to be angry with them, I think the blame lies with Walt Disney World for failing to accommodate the crowd and control access points for people on the move.

Listen to the podcast for more details. Then let us know what you think in the comments. We’d love to hear your opinion!

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