The Kiss Goodbye

The Kiss Goodbye

The Kiss Goodbye is the last episode of our Orlando podcast, The Orlando Local Show. After some deliberation, we discovered there is a very simple reason why it's time to end the show.

The Kiss Goodbye to Our Podcast

If you listened to our show, you know that we stopped our podcast toward the end of 2017 with a comment about not producing more content about Walt Disney World anymore.

We came back with a couple of episodes in 2018, but Lee and I realized that the podcast just wasn't serving our audience very well. That's our fault, and we own up to it.

When we started looking at our ideas for the first part of 2018, we realized that the effort to collect the information and experiences to share on the podcast – at least in order to do it the way we want to do it – just wasn't feasible.

With that in mind, we recorded one last podcast to wrap things up and give it the kiss goodbye that we think you deserve.

Why End The Orlando Local Show Now?

Creating a quality podcast is more time consuming than just sitting down for a few minutes and hitting the record button. That's particularly true for a geographically based show like The Orlando Local Show.

We never intended to be a news show. Not only are we completely unprepared to be journalists, but we have no interest in gathering news. There are organizations of people far better staffed to handle those efforts, and we're glad to let others go scour the area for the latest bits of news or gossip.

From the beginning, our intention was to be an experienced-based show that offered insight to visitors here in Orlando. That seemed reasonable with out backgrounds. I'm an Orlando native and Lee has more than a decade of visiting the area each year (or more than once per year) and now a few years of living here.

Between us, we know quite a lot about Orlando and the surrounding area.

It's just not that simple, though. There's a difference between what you think you know and what you can verify with recent experience. So we started going out gathering those experiences to share on the podcast, week after week.

Things change, though.

We both have full time jobs and a daughter in high school with activities. Going out every weekend to gather experiences became less like an adventure and more like another job that we had to do every weekend.

A job that costs us money, because those experiences were seldom free.

On top of that, we needed to prepare the graphics, record and edit the podcast, and write a post to go with it.

This is on top of some other popular blogs that we run for photography and running. Quite simply, we bit off more than we could chew to do a continuous weekly podcast.

What Does This Mean for Orlando Local?

The Kiss Goodbye is only for the weekly podcast. We'll continue to update the blog with our experiences, and also our YouTube channel. The difference is that we're not making a weekly commitment for those platforms right now.

We still want to provide our point of view on Orlando experiences, and we will. Those updates will show up here on the blog.

We Really Appreciate You

As a result of the podcast, we heard from many of you. We fielded questions from visitors and locals. We got to know plenty of local businesses that provide service and experiences for all of you. With any luck, we'll get to tell their story and let you know what you can do in Orlando, beyond the parks.


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