driving to magic kingdom parking

Driving to Magic Kingdom Parking (Video)

This video shows us driving to Magic Kingdom parking lot. We have a few different videos on our YouTube channel showing a driver’s view of some road trips in and around Orlando.

Driving to Magic Kingdom Parking Video

We created this video during one of our Walt Disney World trips in 2017, which is why there’s a crowd and you won’t see any masks.

If you’re wondering why the drive takes 10 minutes from the main gate to the parking lot, it’s because Walt Disney World is huge – it’s the size of Manhattan. With four parks and dozens of hotels, Walt Disney World needs a lot of space.

That’s why Disney has such a massive transportation system with plenty of options. As locals, it usually makes sense for us to drive from one place to another. Many guests stay off-property, so they drive to and from the resort.

If you have any questions about local road trips in the Central Florida or Orlando area, let us know in the comments and we’ll try to schedule a new trip.

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