Wild Africa Trek

OL 033: Wild Africa Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The Wild Africa Trek Takes You Behind the Scenes at Disney's Animal Kingdom

If you enjoy the Kilimanjaro Safaris and want a more in-depth experience and a chance to see behind the scenes, the Wild Africa Trek at Disney's Animal Kingdom may be for you.

The Wild Africa Trek is a Behind the Scenes tour of Animal Kingdom’s wildlife that you see on the Kilimanjaro Safaris

It involves some hiking, some transportation, discussion with the animal caretakers, a bit of education, and a light meal at the end of the tour. You also have to cross a couple of rope bridges. Don't worry. You're very well secured with a harness.

Wild Africa Trek Rope Bridge

Getting Started with the Wild Africa Trek

The Wild Africa Trek is an extra-cost, above your ticket price for entry to Animal Kingdom. The prices range from $189 to $249 per person, plus tax.

Once you reserve your time, you'll be measured and weighed to make sure you're within the guidelines for height and weight. Children must be at least 8 years old and at least 48″ tall. Guests must be between 45 – 300 pounds (though I have to admit their scale is very forgiving for large folks).

Your hands must be free. If you bring a camera, it must be on a neck strap. There are lockers to store valuables that you can't take on the trek. Also, you need to be able to do some mild hiking. As you can see from the rope bridge above, you have to be able to cross under your own leg power.

After that, you get fitted with your vest and harness. Any time you get to a position with some height or potential to slip, you will have your harness attached to a safety line. It's not just for the rope bridge. We also had our harness attached while overlooking the hippos.

As you can see in the photo, the harness goes between your legs for support. Best not to wear a dress, skirt or kilt on this trek. You also need closed-toe shoes.

Photographing the Wild Africa Trek

If you want to bring your DSLR on the Wild Africa Trek, that's fine. However, you don't get to bring a bag full of lenses.  Pick one lens and that's what you use for the entire trek.

If photography isn't your thing, don't worry. This trek comes with Photopass photos. Disney will make sure you have photos of you and your group, as well as the animals and other encounters.

Lee and I went out to photograph the animals, but I would do it differently in hindsight. It would have been more meaningful for our family memories if we had taken more photos of each other while going through this little adventure.

We're probably going to do it again, so we'll have a chance to fix our mistakes.

Wild Africa Trek

One of the male hippos prepares for a dental exam. Either that, or he's just really into his food!

Wild Africa Trek

You get to see the folks on the Kilimanjaro Safari trucks several times during the Wild Africa Trek. They get a few minutes, but you get three hours to explore the savannah.

Wild Africa Trek

This lion is no fool. He's cooling off on top of an air conditioning vent. Disney employs a lot of enticements to get the animals to appear in just the right places.

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Wild Africa Trek at Disney's Animal Kingdom


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